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Sound Off for May 20: Calling for more guns in wake of school shooting not the answer

Law enforcement officers respond to Santa Fe High School after an active shooter was reported on campus, Friday, May 18, 2018, in Santa Fe, Texas.
Law enforcement officers respond to Santa Fe High School after an active shooter was reported on campus, Friday, May 18, 2018, in Santa Fe, Texas. AP

Dr. Diaz had victims

Although there is no value in sentencing the elderly Dr. Diaz, who definitely knew better, to hard time in prison, there are plenty of victims here. Because of his actions, my TriCare premiums have increased twice since he decided to break the law for some “favor” to a drug rep. As a military retiree, I should not have to financially suffer while he luxuriates. Hit him where he hit us, in the wallet.

Guns no answer

Well, here we go again. Children are dying in school. Of course, the NRA will call for more guns. I just don’t understand the reasoning. It’s like if someone was drowning the answer to saving them would be to add more water.

Help the schools

Remember when the sale of liquor in Mississippi was going to “help out schools?” Then it was riverboat gambling. Next came land-based casinos. They were supposed to really help. Now we’re getting sports betting and soon, if some have their way, the great lottery. Wow, shouldn’t we have the best schools and teacher pay in the country?

Do their jobs

I have less and less respect for the U.S. House Republicans who are more beholden to money men and the president than the citizens that elected them and who they represent.

Share the coverage

I’m constantly amazed how biased the Sun Herald is toward Ole Miss. You never miss an opportunity, in this case sports betting, to put them on the front page, regardless of the story content. There are two other major universities in this state, not to mention the three historically black schools. Ole Miss, despite calling themselves the flagship state school, is actually the smallest of the Big 3 and has certainly been an embarrassment of late with their NCAA cheating scandals. If you’re going to picture an athletic school, why couldn’t you have promoted Southern Miss; it’s the closest to the Coast and “our” university? I happen to be an MSU alumnus so I admit a certain bias, but I am just sick and tired of seeing Ole Miss on the front page at every opportunity; give it a break and share the coverage.

Do something

Another school shooting, 10 dead, 10 wounded and what have our leaders in Washington accomplished since the Florida shooting? Absolutely nothing, except receive more money from the NRA. I am a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment; however, it was never intended to be a “blank check.” Ask yourself, “What is the one common denominator in a school shooting?” It is not mental health, it is not background checks, these may be involved in some, but, there is only one common denominator in a school shooting. And, that is guns. Until you are willing to address the guns, you are just “spitting” in the wind.

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