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Sound Off for May 18: Please shape up the palm trees at I-110

A Sound Off contributor says the palm trees at Interstate 110 need grooming.
A Sound Off contributor says the palm trees at Interstate 110 need grooming. Sun Herald File

Fix the eyesore

The palm trees by the beach and overpass at Interstate 110 and U.S. 90 need grooming. Please someone give them a shearing. They look terrible and they are an eyesore.

Different signs

Just saw my first political yard sign for Congressman Steven Palazzo, and no mention of Trump anywhere. Two years ago you couldn’t hardly see Palazzo’s name due to the large Trump on the same sign.

Christian support?

Maybe Christians support Trump because he is against abortion. So not killing babies seems to make sense.

Seeking justice

Evidence in the Robert Mueller probe mounts. This work takes time. Fox viewers think we’re out to get him. It is justice we’re out to get. If Trump deserves to be got, let justice prevail.

Get your act together

Why did they cut the grass on Interstate 10 before picking up the trash? More than 1,000 pieces of trash just turned into 100,000, It makes our community look like a dirty mess. Come on MDOT. Get your act together.

Don’t litter the beach

It is boating season again. Please leave glass bottles and containers home. They do not need to be at the beaches. Marine law enforcement hopefully will be checking boats for trash. All boats must have a trash container. Any boat that makes it back to the dock without trash after a day on the water left it somewhere.

Mother knows best

I know it sounds corny but my mother always said, “If you lay down with dogs you are going to get fleas.” This is a lesson that should have been learned at their mother’s knee by all of those once admired and reputable people who are no longer a part of Donald Trump’s administration.

McCain is a patriot

John McCain is a real patriot. He served his country. He was captured and refused to be repatriated without his fellow prisoners. His record of service to this country is outstanding. Unlike President “bone spurs.”

Find the candidates

If the Democrats hope to retake the White House in 2020, they need to start now introducing and promoting qualified presidential candidates.

Signs not adequate

The Sportsplex is looking great, but signage going into the park from the Sam’s area is tiny and tired looking, and overall signs throughout the park itself are mediocre. Communicating the location of fields and the field numbers when you enter the facility, while you are driving into a large parking lot, or heading to a soccer field, is vital to the success of the Sportsplex.

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