Sound Off

Sound Off for May 16: Yield to fire trucks, show respect for first responders

Show some respect

Today there was a fire truck with its sirens blaring going toward the intersection of U.S. 49 and Dedeaux Road. I watched as two vehicles pulled out of a parking lot in front of the fire truck. They had to have seen it and heard it. These firefighters had somewhere to go, and these people with nowhere to go just pulled out in front of them. Respect your firefighters, ambulances and policemen and women. Do not pull out in front of them if they have their sirens and lights going.

Litter watch

People complaining about litter are blaming the wrong people. It’s not maintenance not doing their jobs. As quick as they pick it up, trash is thrown back. There are cameras at most intersections and roadways. Law enforcement needs to do their part. The beaches have no litter and no glass signs all over but zero law enforcement.

Please don’t litter

“Kourtnie,” I picked up the large, Styrofoam Coca-Cola cup that you threw out on the Possum Walk Trail in Logtown on the Pearl River, with your name emblazoned on the top of the cup. Do you know the poem about fools’ names in fools’ places? You should be more careful.

Do your part, neighbor

Neighbor, please cut your trees that are hanging over into my yard. The trees are hazardous to my home and to my safety should they fall. You know they will fall like the others that had fallen into my yard before.

Happy to see report

I am happy to see another report about positive improvement in economic growth, tourism, and more people in general spending their hard earned money here on the Coast. Completely the opposite of what the people suing the city of Ocean Springs want everyone to believe. Proof positive yet again that the state flag has no effect on people visiting and spending their money here.

Less family time

Lower unemployment is a bragging point but part of that is because of low wages and people working two or more jobs. No family can live on minimum wage so many work two jobs . This means less time for family and helping their own children. A low minimum wage has fall out for our country.

A real opportunity

OK Mississippi, here is your chance to make the Coast the tourist destination in the South. The infrastructure is already in place. Get the sports betting into action ahead of the other states and watch the tax revenue roll in. Allow off-track horse race wagering and do a lottery. Earmark funds for education and to fix all those roads and bridges that need it so badly. Private investment in the Coast will pick up as well. It’s a great opportunity for all of Mississippi. Best of all, it is voluntary taxation.

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