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Sound Off for May 15: Older houses don’t meet new code requirements

FILE - This Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012 file photo shows a for-sale sign
FILE - This Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012 file photo shows a for-sale sign AP file photo

Makes you wonder

I never realized how many hoops you have to jump through to sell an older home. Example: Some plumbing wall penetrations locations don’t meet new code requirements. There should be and probably are exemptions for older homes. Makes you wonder.

Our strongest ally

Today, President Trump opened the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, where it should always have been. Hooray. That was a bold, courageous American move reflecting our undeniable support for Israel since 1948. In turn, Israel has been our strongest ally in the region.

What kind of parachute?

With the rash of departures in the U.S. House and Senate, it would be nice to see exactly how much money Sen. Thad Cochran and Rep. Gregg Harper will be walking away with. If they (and others) are allowed to keep all that remains in their respective “war chests,” exactly how much is it? Is it a gold, silver or bronze parachute? How does the IRS treat those funds?

Something positive?

To ‘nothing positive:’ None of you ever said a single positive thing about Obama. Cry me a river!

Trump’s accomplishments

President Trump has dumped the Iran deal, Paris Climate Agreement, Trans-Pacific Trade Deal, DACA and the ObamaCare Individual Mandate. He has brought North Korea to denuclearization and moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. Unemployment is at a record low, the stock market is up and taxes are down. He is strengthening our border and our military defense. He is breaking ISIS and making a stand in Syria. That is a lot of accomplishments in one year by any measure. For the majority of the country it is exactly what he was elected to do.

Loyal to the party?

Every politician that has never crossed party lines is not representing their constituents and needs to be voted out. They are only loyal to the party and only in it for all the benefits they can get and not for the general public.

Don’t block the view

Please do not put more condos on the beach. This is a beautiful area that should be enjoyed by all. In other areas of the Gulf – Alabama and Florida you cannot see the water and there is limited beach access. So I say no.

Clearer water

This is to the person that said to put more condos on the beach, that the people are going to Orange Beach and Panama City instead. Well, have you ever looked at their water over there compared to here? You can see your feet when you are in the water over there. It is cleaner. That’s why they are going over there, not because we don’t have condos.

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