Sound Off

Sound Off for May 14: Why can’t I get bait at Gulfport Harbor?

Donate blood

Hats off to James Harrison of Australia for donating blood for 60 years. His 1,100 blood donations is estimated to have saved over 2 million babies because his blood contained a rare antibody called Anti-D. What have you and I done lately?

Not a (bug) deal

since when is a bug in restaurant food newsworthy? coming soon scathing report on gum under tables oh my

Clean up I-10

I think the state should put a portion of the BP money into an account that can be used strictly to keep the I10 corridor from state line to state line well maintained for many years. MDOT has proven it is not equipped to handle the task so I think it should be bid out to a private contractor that can. It was my impression that the point of the BP money was to increase tourism and what better way to do that than to welcome our guests to Mississippi.

Bait at Gulfport Harbor

Can someone help me understand, why Pass Christian Harbor can get another bait shop. Gulfport can spend millions on a harbor, but can't get a bait shop. I will continue buying my fuel, food and bait in Pass Christian until they get one. If I want to fish outside Gulfport Harbor I have to drive to Long Beach, Pass Christian or Biloxi to get bait. A waste of time and fuel. Come on Gulfport get with it.

Mower mess

Be careful what you ask for. Just look at interstate in Jackson county- a mower mess. Shredded trash everywhere. Personally I don't mind the grass, it doesn't look bad, it hides the trash, and it would save thousands of dollars a year to just leave it natural

Sin is still sin

This is in reply to the Sound-off today, about Jesus being a liberal. Yes, Jesus Christ had a liberality of love and care for all. But He wasn't a "liberal" in the way the word is used today. He didn't advocate the "anything goes" attitude of some people, and the way they flaunt their liberality of thought and actions. Sin is still sin. Jesus' inclusive ministry sought to draw all kinds of people to God's love and His way, and not to the ways of the world.

Where are the parents?

Today as I was driving on Halsted Rd In Ocean Springs three young kids pulled up on an ATV and started to run the stop sign until they saw me and stopped. Two had helmets and a young lady in the middle did not. They got behind me very quickly as I was driving the speed limit. They turned east at an intersection a mile later. PARENTS?

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