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Sound Off for May 13: We need new condos and apartments on the beach

Trees at Legacy Condos in Gulfport
Trees at Legacy Condos in Gulfport Sun Herald file

More condos

There is a need for some new condos and apartments on the beach! Lots of retirees and snow birds are desiring to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets of the Gulfcoast monthly or year around. Otherwise they look at Orange Beach or Panama City Beach. Let's Do It!

Thank you, MHP

I just wanted to thank the Mississippi Highway Patrol for ticketing speeders on Mississippi 67 the other morning. Just like county roads, people drive like there are no consequences.

The right idea

While driving down U.S. 90 the other day I figured how to get the slow drivers out of left lane. Make the right lane the new passing lane. All the passing is done now in the right lane.

He’s a war hero

Senator McCain is a war hero and an honorable man and should be treated as such. The fact that he has crossed party lines on occasions proves that he is looking out for the people that put him in office instead of following the party lines. May God bless you, Senator McCain.

How to explain?

OK, so Australia made everyone turn in their guns so there would be no more mass shootings. Today, I read about a family of seven shot to death there. So taking everyone’s guns will stop mass shootings? Right?

Nothing positive

I voted Republican but was not an avid Trump supporter as some. I can’t say I feel he’s been flawless so far in office. But, watching all the comments from the likes of Schumer and Pelosi, I can’t remember one single positive thing either has said about Trump yet. It’s really hard to take them seriously with such a combative attitude, even about good news. I honestly think if he ridded the world of nuclear weapons, the Trump haters would only say he took too long.

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