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Sound Off for May 12: Looking for impartiality in Mississippi

Mississippi’s license plate features the state seal with “In God We Trust,” which is off-center and a color many drivers in the state don’t like.
Mississippi’s license plate features the state seal with “In God We Trust,” which is off-center and a color many drivers in the state don’t like. Mississippi Governor's Office

Looking for impartiality

Governor Bryant's latest move to make Mississippi a less inclusive state shows that removing religion from our state and federal arenas is just a lofty ideal. Not all of us agree that "In God we trust" belongs on our license plates. Probably we are the same people who feel the Confederate flag needs retirement. Seems an uphill battle to find impartiality in our state.

Do not favor Trump

Lately the Sound Offs published seem to be mostly pro-Trump. I, for one, do not favor Mr. Trump, and find the inclusion of so many supportive Sound Offs to be a clear indication that the Sun Herald has a point of view ... something we hope our media avoids. Let's try to have an unbiased combination of pro and con Sound Offs. Otherwise, why bother having the column?

Out of touch

The recent liberal Sound Offs about President Trump are proving just how out of touch with reality the Democrats are. If you only watch the propaganda networks, you are not going to know what is going on in the real world. You will remain in liberal fantasyland.

Jesus was a liberal

The latest Sound Offs bashing liberal thinking must remember: Jesus was a liberal. His ministry was one of inclusion, equal opportunity and love and care for all.

Are the ads needed?

If doctors write prescriptions and know the latest ones out there and the best ones for us, why do pharmaceutical's waste money on advertisements which cost us more money to buy them?

Act like an adult

Want to stop negative news on Trump? Call and tell him to quit acting like a man child and to quit acting irresponsible. No president has lost as many staff members in their first year and a half. That is why all the media is reporting on him and yes even Fox.

Cut the grass

Our state wants our money by taxing us for everything. For example, Texas doesn’t have state tax or food tax or inheritance tax. Pennsylvania does not have clothes tax. If Mississippi could tax us to breathe they probably would. With the Mississippi money we are not getting the grass cut along our interstate.

Just don't get it

I have sent in several Sound Off’s regarding the litter and grass cutting and nothing happens. The Mississippi Gulf Coast will never become a premier vacation destination until the aesthetics improve. For some unknown reason our council members just don’t get.

Looking for leadership

I hope the mayor, city council, and the good people of Diamondhead read the article in Thursday’s Sun Herald about D’Iberville and mayor Rusty Quave. Especially about the Scarlet Pearl Casino and what it has meant to their city. Diamondhead needs good progressive people who can lead our city into the future. Let’s hope the upcoming POA election gives us this kind of leadership.

McCain is no puppet

First, thanks to John McCain for his service, it seems to be overlooked by Trump supporters. Sen. McCain has the integrity to think for himself and not be a puppet for the out-of-control president. We need more people like John McCain in Washington to help keep the country stable. Trump single-handedly is giving the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to the Democrats in the upcoming election while at the same time making the USA look like a third world country to our allies.

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