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Sound Off for May 10: More on keeping our cities cleaned up

Crews from Biloxi’s Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments spruce up the areas along U.S. 90 to beautify the city.
Crews from Biloxi’s Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments spruce up the areas along U.S. 90 to beautify the city. File

Hurting the country

I think Senator McCain and others like him from both parties are what this country needs. We need more reasonable moderates and independents elected to bring sanity back to our government. All this hardline partisan attitude is hurting our country.

A smart move

I live in a city on the Coast where the main right of ways are cut by a private contractor. Always clean cut, edged, and mostly no weeds growing out of concrete. I was impressed after I started noticing it was not city workers doing it. Very smart move.

Notice the trees?

I believe Diamondhead does keep its interchange mowed. Even added some Magnolia trees.

Get the jungle cut

It is pitiful that there are some individuals running the city can’t get the jungle cut along the CSX tracks in Gulfport. The rights of ways in other cities don’t look like a jungle. What’s the deal? You’re building a multimillion dollar aquarium to attract tourists yet you’ve let this blight exist for 2 or 3 years. City council members and the mayor need to show some pride in the city.

Does he love himself?

I just figured out that Donald Trump loves America but he loves the Donald more. That’s why we get his priorities instead of the priorities of the nation. I hope people who are leaving the sinking ship will enjoy the money and benefits they gave themselves.

How to squeeze DirecTV

On Sunday morning until late Monday evening NBC and FOX were not available for viewing on DirectTV. The message “do not contact us” is getting old with these two channels. It appears that these two channels are having continuing problems with broadcasts. I contacted DirecTV and they issued me a $20 credit for the inconvenience. If you are fed up with NBC and FOX inability to offer continued service, I suggest you call DirecTV. Worked for me.

A reputation blunder

I hope people realize the damage to America’s reputation and the economic damage done by President Trump by pulling out of the International Agreement on nuclear weapons with Iran. This despite the fact that Iran is fulfilling its obligations, and the secretary of defense recommended we stay in the agreement. We’ve seen this scenario before in the Bush/Cheney Iraq War.

Remove the flags?

Maybe we should change our flag and remove our statues. But wouldn’t it only be fair that the flag and statues that represented the North also be removed? They did some horrible things to the South.

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