Sound Off

Sound Off for May 9: It’s time to clean up our roadways

The median on Interstate 10 east of the Cedar Lake Road exit is in need of mowing.
The median on Interstate 10 east of the Cedar Lake Road exit is in need of mowing. Sun Herald File

Pride in appearance

It is grass growing season. Just look at our highways and interstate roadways. The grass is growing daily. No mowers yet. Just wondering how long it will be before the highway department cuts the grass. Hopefully they will pick up the trash before they cut. It is really ugly when the just run over the trash. I wish Mississippi took more pride in the appearance of our road ways.

Turn up the AC

Attention bar owners, I do not expect to sweat in your lounge. It is getting hot out. Either turn on the air conditioning or I will find a bar that is cool.

Leaving the ship?

All those GOP folks not running for re-election and administration officials gone invariably compare to rats leaving a sinking ship, the ship being SS Trump.

Check your cars

Now that state vehicle inspections are not required, drivers need to periodically check their tail lights and headlights. Too many people are driving with one or more lights out.

Keep what you work for

This is to “If Only” in May 7 Sound Off. To spread the wealth around you have to take money from people who work to give to people who don’t work. I prefer to keep what I work for.

Going without NFL

It appears that off season talks among cowardly NFL management, owners and ungrateful players have not resulted in a conclusion to the unacceptable, disrespectful behavior by players during the playing of our National Anthem. I did my first year without the NFL and I can do it again.

Call the hotline

For those affected by the increase in rental rates at the AFRH: Why not try to call the Veterans’ White House Direct Line that then-candidate Donald Trump famously promised to install for veterans. What? You mean he forgot that promise?

Manicures needed

In response to mow the grass in Sound Off today, while I agree, I would be happy with baby steps. I wish each city would start with mowing their own interchanges in each city. Those exits (or entrances) are the front door to each city and if we want our guests to feel welcome, stay and spend their hard earned money, we should have those interchanges manicured.

Feeling welcomed

To proud Mississippian. Other states aren’t “weaker” because they choose to make their flag inclusive of everyone who lives there. There are plenty of proud Mississippians that wish our flag could be something we all can take pride in. Are we not called the hospitality state? Let’s make everyone feel welcome in this beautiful place we call home!

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