Sound Off

Sound Off for May 4: Police need to catch speeder on Broad Avenue

Why not?

Why can’t we have a universal education system that’s fair to all?

Heartfelt thanks

To the Good Samaritan who helped our kitty on U.S. 90 in Long Beach on Wednesday, I can’t thank you enough for stopping and helping our baby. You took him to the vet after he got hit. He didn’t make it, but we got to bring him home so everyone could say goodbye to him. Thank you for your selfless act of kindness.

Not funny

Congratulations to self-professed “comedian” Michelle Wolf on her superb job at the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner. She is a clear example of what is obscenely wrong with the liberal left in America!

No answers

Our president should respond that he does not answer questions that have been “leaked” to the press. Sun Herald will never publish this Sound Off.


Maybe it’s time for the president to deploy troops with water cannons to the San Diego border.

‘Business Bully’

In reference to the May 1 Sun Herald front page article on Walmart: One would think Walmart would be satisfied with success, but they are not. Walmart wants to dominate. They want to put other stores out of business. Walmart is “The Business Bully.”

I don’t know

In addition to the overuse of the word “like,” I am irritated by another overuse. A lot of people you see on TV news and discussion programs irritate me with their answer to a question and Hillary is one of the worst. They begin the answer with, “Well, you know ...” No, I do not know. If I knew I would not have asked the question.

A losing battle

President Trump is to be commended on his efforts to Make America Great Again. However he is fighting a losing battle. Throughout the history of creation, governments have risen and fallen, most have been destroyed from within not from external invasion. Around 2,400 years ago the Book of Proverbs was written on the hopes of providing guidance. People should read the 29 Proverb and see how he was speaking to this generation and you will see why greatness will not be achieved.

Police needed

We need more Gulfport police officers in the evening near the base on Broad Avenue. Maybe catch the speeder on the four-wheeler that flew past me. Yes he was on the road and I was told this is an every-evening thing.

What’s up?

I’ve noticed several public housing apartments near me have been left vacant for months. Which is odd as there’s usually a waiting list to get into one.

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