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Sound Off for May 3: It’s time for a new bridge on Popps Ferry

The Popps Ferry Bridge in Biloxi, Miss. A Sound Off writer says it’s time for a new bridge in its place.
The Popps Ferry Bridge in Biloxi, Miss. A Sound Off writer says it’s time for a new bridge in its place.

Is it important?

I find a lot of young people today seem to have no shame and can’t be embarrassed so I don’t understand the trend of trying to embarrass every guy in the public eye for unwanted sexual advancements that occurred many years ago, sometimes decades ago. Who thinks someone trying to kiss you 50 years ago is important?

Putting in the work

Me and my wife have a running joke when pushing our cart with $100 of merchandise to the checkout. “Time to put on our smock and punch in,” we say. Why don’t I get the employee discount? Not joking.

Trump’s agenda

Trump’s agenda is to undo all that Obama did. He will leave many people without health care, many breathing bad air and all of us with money troubles paying for his tax break.

Build a new bridge

I suggest that Biloxi and Gulfport use the BP oil spill money to help build a four-lane bridge to replace the Popp’s Ferry Bridge. This is needed by all most of our citizens. Building aquariums and overhead walkways to ball parks are not needed by any of our residents.

Employees in danger?

Do you think the purpose of adding all the new self-scanning stations is for the store to hire new cashiers? Once the new self scanning stations have been tested the number of employees will disappear. Have you noticed food prices are not going down?

Fighting the flag

Congrats to Ocean Springs for wanting to get rid of the state flag in their city. Two things wrong with it, however. Someone missed Civics class. You need to get rid or change the state flag at state level ... not city level. Also, you need to show your conviction to this subject by refusing to take any state funds from the state whose flag you do not want to see fly over your city. I think any city, school or any other group, wanting state funds should be required to fly the state flag.

Reform needed?

The home rental industry needs reform.

Following the rules

I am so sick of all the bad publicity about taking opioids. All I have seen is people that have an addiction to it. You do not see or hear positive stories about the people that take it as prescribed. Those who take it correctly end up having to jump through hoops to get a prescription. Taking the opioid is the only way they can have any semblance of a normal family life. Innocent people are suffering because of it. Days spent in bed in pain trying not to move because of the pain. All because of people abusing it. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. There has to be a solution to this.

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