Sound Off

Sound Off for May 2: Should dogs be on the beach at all?

Sound Offs say there shouldn’t be dogs on the beach.
Sound Offs say there shouldn’t be dogs on the beach. AP

What’s up?

If business establishments had to wipe down shopping carts it would probably mean having to hire more employees. Instead of having these new employees wipe down carts I would rather wipe down my cart with provided sanitizing wipes and have the new employees run the cash registers. Went to well-known business last week and there were more employees watching the self-checkout section than there were cashiers. Something wrong with this picture?

Old way of doing business

It’s funny how the insurance company sends out an “action required” email to “swindle” you into signing up for paperless billing and paperless policies after you’ve already paid in full and made the decision to maintain an old-school way of doing business.

Thanks, Sun Herald

We do not get the local TV channels so we rely on the Sun Herald for local news, which I enjoy reading every morning with my coffee. I also work five of the puzzles every morning (or try to) — Celebrity Cipher, Cryptoquote, Cryptoquip, Sudoku and the Jumble. This all keeps my 79-year-old mind in good shape for the day. Thank you, Sun Herald, and keep up the good work.

Another fatality ...

Interstate 110 has turned into a “no-speed-limit race track.” I never see any law enforcement on I-110 unless they are responding to a crash. How many more lives must be lost on I-110 before speeding is brought under control?

Pelican playoff

The future is bleak. The Pelicans have lost 20 of the past 22 games they played against the Warriors. It will be amazing if they can pull this off. Good luck, Pels.

Going to the dogs

In Sound Off, someone is disturbed by seeing dogs on beach. Are you not disturbed by seeing animals in the grocery store shopping carts?

Problem solved

In response to “Now Read This,” concerning dogs on the beach: I have seen this as well. I am a male in my mid-60s and I almost got into a fight one morning while walking the beach in Biloxi, when a gentleman’s unleashed dog came at me barking and snapping at my heels. The solution is not bigger signs, but enforcement of the law. The equation is simple: Tickets written + fines paid = problem solved.

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