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Sound Off for May 1: Sanders being bullied at every turn

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders AP

Anyone, like, doing this?

Are any teachers directing their students away from inserting excessive use of “like” into their sentences? Judging by the amount of it I hear, it seems not.

Now read this

I just took a walk on the sidewalk at the sand beach in Gulfport. I noticed several people on the sand beach who had their dogs out on the beach. They were either running loose or on leashes. They must not have seen the sign that said, “No dogs allowed on sand beach.” They need a huge sign that says, “No dogs are allowed on the sand beach,” since some tourists or locals don’t read signs.

The absent-minded employers

Most employers scan résumés absent-mindedly.

Schoolyard bullies

It is deplorable that late-night show hosts, stand-up comedians, journalists, uncivil women and others use White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders as a surrogate for their hatred toward President Trump. They demean her looks, attack her character and call names in vile ways but would undoubtedly not want the same done to them or their loved ones.

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