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Sound Off for April 28: Here’s how you turn an eyesore into an attraction

A fishermen walks along the jetty to the west pier at Long Beach Harbor on Wednesday.
A fishermen walks along the jetty to the west pier at Long Beach Harbor on Wednesday. Sun Herald


Politicians with the traits of Jesus — really?

And yet

Why do people have handicap tags yet they are able to walk long distances and have no problem moving heavy items?

Turn an eyesore into an attraction

Build new piers 18 inches above mean high tide so when we experience a tropical storm the pier will gradually be covered by water and thus protected from the wind-driven waves that now destroy them. Jetties. Disguise the storm-drains, that visitors mistake as sewage pipes, as jetties with a flat top surface jutting out at different lengths into the Sound. Plant indigenous plants on the jetty that wear well near saltwater, add a path and solar lighting, and an eyesore turns into a eye-pleasing attraction.

Here’s where to go

If you have a problem with the DMV, contact the governor’s office.

Note to investors

There is a need for a senior living apartment complex on the south side of the bay like Riverside. It is always full and people love living there. I hope some investors are reading this.

My turn

Drivers don’t seem to know the turn lane is for turning and not a passing lane. I about hit a car a few days ago, since they were passing me in the turn lane and I didn’t see them at first when I was going to get over in the turn lane to TURN. Drivers, please quit using the turn lane for passing or sometime you are going to get hit when someone needs to turn.

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