Sound Off

Sound Off for April 25: Would jetties be a better alternative to piers?

Parents should love, nurture and protect

I read with sadness regarding the woman who was involved in a wreck with her 9-day old baby. She was arrested for DUI. These babies do not ask to be brought into this world but if they are, it is the duty of the parent to love them, nurture them and protect them. I pray this woman will realize her mistake.

Build it up!

Hey, Biloxi, build Cedar Lake Road higher so we don’t have to worry about the rising water anymore!

A short pause saved the day

When the Waffle House shooter had to pause to change the clip on his military rifle, a good guy had a chance to engage and disarm him. Time to ban large capacity ammunition magazines.

Piers vs. rock jetties

I sure wish they would hurry up and get beach piers repaired. We’re going to miss hurricane season coming up to wipe them out again. But on the serious side: Maybe we should be building rock jetties that can take a storm. Wood piers don’t and never will survive on our coastline. Quit wasting taxpayers’ money.

Wondering ...

It has been almost a year and a half since President Trump took office and the country appears to be in the recovery mode. All this is being accomplished without filling many high-ranking government positions. This just makes me wonder how well he could do with half the number in Congress.

Another sidewalk

With all of the Sound Offs written lately on the sidewalk issues, I can’t help but put in my 2 cents. When I heard that Long Beach was putting in a sidewalk along Pineville Road, I thought it was a great idea. When construction began, I soon realized that the sidewalk was only being installed from Beatline Road to Harper McCaughan Elementary School. I know many will disagree, but this is a waste of taxpayers’ money. First of all, I have never seen any children walking to or from this school. Parents would be crazy to let their young child walk along Pineville Road even with a sidewalk, which at some points, is directly adjacent to the road with no separation. Secondly, throughout the day you can observe adults and teenagers walking along this road either in the grass alongside or in the road itself, which is very dangerous. This sidewalk should have been planned to run from Beatline Road all of the way to Railroad Street so that the general public can walk along this busy road and be safe, not just one or two schoolchildren. If there are known plans to extend this sidewalk in the near future, please correct me.

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