Sound Off

Sound Off for April 23: Is gill netting on Cat Island illegal?

The western tip of Cat Island shows strips of water cutting through the island.
The western tip of Cat Island shows strips of water cutting through the island. SUN HERALD

Broken tree swing

The tree swing at Depot Park right in front of the Visitors Center has been hanging by one chain since it broke in January. It seems the BSL city government has sunk to complete and utter incompetence. Perhaps the town motto should be changed to “Bay St. Louis...a place falling apart”.

Trump’s economy

Article in Saturday’s Sun Herald states Mississippi had record low unemployment rate and record high employer payrolls in March. Facts are hard to dispute but many continue to throw unfounded criticisms at President Trump. For those I say get on board and enjoy all the good things happening in our economy.

Where are our representatives?

“New Jersey governor signs drilling ban to thwart Trump plan” is the headline of several governors that are environmentalists and care for our planet. Where, or where are our representatives? I guess they have completely forgotten about the BP Oil Spill. But they are still fighting over the distribution on the fine money so how can that be?

The safe bet

I personally think what Eric Ellis did on Friday when police officers went to his home was smart. Slowly, under or close to the speed limit, he went straight to the police station, a public place, and stopped. No effort to run and put his life or the officers lives in danger. I think they need to dismiss the charge of ‘failure to stop when an officer signals’. I would do exactly the same thing. Stopping at a fire station or other very public place for safety of all concerned.

Another great American

I totally agree with the “When the going gets tough” sound off. Thank you for stating the obvious.

Gill netting on Cat Island

What is it with all the gill netting on Cat Island? I thought they outlawed that 20 years ago? Well if they didn't they should have!!!

‘Nobody vote’

You are correct, if we are faced between two dead-beat candidates, we should start a "nobody vote" movement. Lets just hope we have a clear choice to put into office for the better of our nation, just as we did this election. Thank goodness President Trump ran for office.

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