Sound Off

Sound Off for April 20: Listen to these words from Barbara Bush

Ought to be a law

How about making it against the law for government employees to write a book for at least 10 years after leaving service? By then, no one will care.

Read and stay strong

A quote by Barbara Bush: “Sit with your arm around your small child and read. It not only teaches them to read, but it keeps the family strong.”

Check it out

I’m tired also of seeing people riding around without a tag — saying “Tag applied for” or no tag at all. I’ve seen cars around without a tag for up to a month. They need to be pulled over and paperwork checked.

My point of view

Your article on page 3A on Wednesday — “6 GOP candidates express loyalty to Trump” — just made my blood boil. Talk about misplaced loyalties. This certainly takes the cake and it points to a serious problem in our American society. Ours and their loyalty should be to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Our difficulty nationally is that we are divided by personalities and not focusing on what is the right thing to do for our country. It’s not that either you or I am right or wrong, but what is good for all of us. To pledge loyalty to any person removes our choice to have a different idea and only to follow blindly. It is the blending of many different points of view that made our country great.

To ‘Get a tag!’

FYI: Obviously you’ve never rented a car, because most, not all rental cars/trucks have “Tag applied for” and some have out-of-state tags. I have rented vehicles from area car rentals on a number of occasions and had “Tag applied for” on the vehicle.


How about instead of being loyal to Trump, how about being loyal to the taxpayer and voter and think for yourself?

Looking for a rub

Does anyone know of a retailer who is selling a product once sold by Rene’s in Ocean Springs? I don’t mean the sauces now sold under The Shed’s brand, but a rub sold as a seasoning for fish as well as other things.

Believe Comey?

Who can believe Comey? Anyone who’s been following Trump.

Stop whining

When will whining liberals begin to be thankful they live in such a great country — full of opportunity and freedom?

Told you so

Working people got tiny tax cuts and wage increases and corporations are investing their billions in stock buybacks instead of new jobs. We told you so.

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