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Sound Off for April 18: Get the car tag already!

A Sound Off caller wants people to stop using the ‘tag applied for’ and dealer tags. Instead, they suggest that the users buy their tags.
A Sound Off caller wants people to stop using the ‘tag applied for’ and dealer tags. Instead, they suggest that the users buy their tags. Sun Herald File

Get a tag!

I think there should be a law against the “tag applied for” and tags from dealers. These should instead have an expiration date showing the date they should have a state tag.


When the TV ads switch from one to another with no break between, it’s irritating but can also be comical sometimes. This morning I was watching the ads when one came on for a laxative. Then, without any break, the next was for a vacuum cleaner. Funny!

Comey unjustly fired

Since you were so fast to print the criticism of FBI Director James Comey, you should equally print this. James Comey, who previously served both Republican and Democratic presidents with distinction and dedicated his life to law enforcement, is exactly what Washington needs — unquestionable honesty and integrity. When he reopened the Clinton investigation days before elections he did so in fairness to the nation. This action handed the election to President Trump and showed Comey’s ability to separate his official duties from partisan politics.

Enough already

For the love of Mike — enough already over Comey’s book and interview! Does anyone really believe this guy? This is the same ex-FBI director who made the decision to not prosecute Hillary Clinton over divulging classified information via emails.

Check again

Actually, writer of “Out of control,” Mayor Dobson has a thorough and complete understanding of the basic mathematical concepts of “greater than and less than” in regards to the Mississippi election of 2001 regarding the design of the state flag. Check those numbers again. You may have missed something.

Sticks and stones

President Trump and his surrogates like to say that he is a fighter and when attacked he will hit back 100 times harder. President Trump attacks like a 6-year-old child by making up childish names. If President Trump wants to hit back he should file charges, sue or demand a duel. In the future we will hold those people who have been attacked by President Trump in great esteem. I regret that I am one of those unimportant people who will never be attacked by Donald Trump, that would be a great legacy to leave my future generations.


To “Seditious flag” – thank you.

Take it elsewhere

I am very hopeful that Black Spring Break will go somewhere else next year. The downside of hosting this fiasco weighs more than the benefits. It is no economic gain and a real pain for the majority of the citizens!

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