Sound Off

Sound Off for April 17: Coast is a birdwatching bonanza

A Blackburnian Warbler
A Blackburnian Warbler Special to the Sun Herald

What a treat

For those of us who love birds, we’ve been treated to a spectacular sight as these migratory birds move through the Coast. Painted Buntings, Indigo Buntings, Grosbeaks and many others. Birds colored in dark blue, others in brilliant turquoise. Ones yellow, black and white. Black, rosy and white. Look quickly for they will soon be gone.

On a mission

What is it about Republicans that makes them go all quivery to hear the words “mission accomplished”? It’s part of their political lexicon; a kind of John Wayne-itis.

Taking away protections

Please read Roll Call and see just how bad the GOP is in setting the U.S. up for another financial crisis.

Adjust the lights, really?

If you think the Three Rivers Road lights are bad, you must not ever drive U.S. 49. I have lived here all my life, and the past few years I have been begging for the traffic management division to synchronize the lights. On U.S. 49, you can sit through five to six lights at times before you can clear the intersection.

Our seditious state flag

My objection to our state flag is that it is seditious. It contains the Confederate battle flag, which symbolizes hostility to these United States. People fought and killed under the Confederate battle flag to destroy these United States. We should change our state flag in a way that honors these UNITED States, or the federal government should refuse to honor our flag in its halls and on its grounds.

Was the recent tax cut a cut?

I finished my income tax preparation, and my CPA ran this year’s numbers using the new tax code for 2018. As it turned out for me, there is no tax cut; in fact, my tax amount that I would owe went up by $2,000. I will be withholding an additional amount this current year. It looks like many people are going to get a big surprise for this next year’s tax season.

No complaints

I took my two granddaughters to Washington, D.C., on spring break for five days. I’ll never complain about the traffic on the Gulf Coast again. I don’t know how they do that day in and day out.

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