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Sound Off for April 15: Traveling on Three Rivers Road is a headache

Traffic passes through the intersection at Three Rivers Road and Crossroads Parkway in Gulfport.
Traffic passes through the intersection at Three Rivers Road and Crossroads Parkway in Gulfport. Sun Herald file

Do what NOLA does

Biloxi, the amount of trash that comes with big crowds cannot be contained with “a can every two blocks” along the beach. More trash cans are needed, triple the amount, and portable toilets. Plan on emptying them early each morning or night, or both. Ocean Springs, you are lacking on the amount of cans and portable toilets, too. In New Orleans, after the last float passes, the clean-up crew is poised and ready. City workers and trucks do a great job. This is the type plan Biloxi needs this weekend. (Insert smiley face here.)

Destination area

When you choose to live in a destination area, you have to learn to expect visitors, just as the visitors have to expect how we choose to deal with them.

Cones up

Friday morning 8 a.m. Just drove from Gulfport to downtown Biloxi. Cones dividing highway. Fastest I ever made that commute in years. Keep the cones up. No joke.

Easy money

Did you know that if you sign a contract for services, give the person a $700 check and never see them again, it is not a crime, it is a civil matter? So you pay $105 to have them served, they don’t show up for court and you get a judgment against them. So if you have nothing to lose, you can do this over and over without thought of repercussions. Nice, huh?

We want pretty lights

Regarding Mayor FoFo Gillich’s campaign to Make Biloxi Beautiful, the single most impactful action would be to replace the ugly duckling street lamps on U.S. 90 with the decorative street lamps like Gulfport has.

Morning racetrack

Gulfport Police Department, please set up radar on 40th Street in Gulfport between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. These individuals fly down this road and the boom boxes in the cars are rattling the windows. Please do something.

Adjust the lights

The City of Gulfport has to make travel along Three Rivers Road from Dedeaux Road to Seaway Road more accessible with adjusting the traffic lights at Crossroads Parkway and Seaway Road. I have lived in this area for over 20 years and never has it been such a headache for travel. Today I sat through three traffic lights at Crossroads Parkway and Three Rivers Road at 11:30 a.m., inching along before traffic started to travel. It’s time to make Three Rivers Road four or five lanes in this area to accommodate the traffic.

Of course

Slow-speed golf carts are, without a doubt, a good thing for golf courses, not so much for our roadways. A great way to have a kid run over by an automobile. Keep them on the golf courses where they belong.

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