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Sound Off for April 14: Golf carts will help slow speeders down

Golf carts and custom-made golf carts are available for sale at Gulf Coast Golf Carts in Diamondhead.
Golf carts and custom-made golf carts are available for sale at Gulf Coast Golf Carts in Diamondhead. Sun Herald file

What is important

The State of the South 2018 Report notes that the 13 Southern states need to invest more in public schools and higher education and face reality. The 13 states mentioned are close to having the top teams in college football. Apparently that is where our priority lies.

Not sure why the others are bailing

Paul Ryan is bailing because the debt will be so high that he can’t face what he has done in opposition to what he has preached for years.

The Trump Effect!

Ingalls opening up the east bank of the Pascagoula River and upgrades to the rest of the facilities is the sole result of one thing only: The Trump Effect! Making the Navy great again! Not to mention careers and a future!

November will tell

The GOP shot themselves in the foot when they elected Trump. He is effectively destroying the party and will leave it broken with years to repair. They seem to have lost their smarts and it’s hard to believe they did that.

In the style of Dave Barry

You can’t tell me that Morris Bart and the Pit Bulls would not be a great name for a rock band.

Slow-speed golf carts could be a good thing

There is a lot of concern, rightfully so, over golf carts on city streets. They all should comply with all laws. One good thing about the slow-speed vehicles — they do a very good job of slowing down the traffic on city streets. I live on a street with a posted speed limit of 25 mph. Many times during the day and night I see vehicles speeding by at speeds exceeding 60 mph. The city, because of political or economic reasons, refuses to enforce the speed limits. Maybe the slow-speed golf carts will do the job of slowing down the traffic and just might save some kid’s life.

Break it down

Does the monetary cost to the Gulf Coast taxpayers for all of the law enforcement agents counteract the money made by certain vendors during Spring Break? We only have two viable east-west passageways and that affects all local residents as well as other tourists. We can’t handle comfortably any disruption of blocking our only method of moving traffic. Doesn’t depend on the venue.

Kids should be the ones to ask for donations

I like supporting the school-age kids, too, but I’d like to see them see the real-world aspect of working for it themselves. I was “approached” for the annual Long Beach cheerleaders’ donation this year, to whom I usually give. However, the approach was from a marketing company. If the cheerleaders want to come and ask me for a donation face-to-face, I will gladly contribute.

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