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Sound Off for April 12: Make sure golf carts allowed on streets are street-legal

A Sound Off caller says golf carts allowed on city streets should be street legal first.
A Sound Off caller says golf carts allowed on city streets should be street legal first. Justin Mitchell

AFRH funding

During the 1990s, when I was a commanding officer, fines imposed during nonjudicial punishment by the commanding officer went to the Naval Retirement Home to fund retirees living expenses. Is that still the case?

Can’t compete

Tariffs can be good. Next time you drive by Gulfport harbor look at those huge cranes. They were made and shipped here from China. We paid $30 million tax dollars. They could have been built in USA, but we cannot compete with China’s cheap labor.

More parking

Ocean Springs, when are you going to improve parking at the sports complex? At the Monday night league games, the parking lot was a muddy mess with no parking places available except on both sides of road from complex to U.S. 57. Any plans to fix this problem?

Clear as can be

If you want to drive a vehicle on public roads, it needs to be street-legal (this includes golf carts). Putting lights on a regular golf cart does not make it street-legal. Street-legal golf carts are readily available for purchase and include safety equipment. If you are going to pass resolutions allowing golf carts on public roads make sure they are legal.

No flying tributes

What goes up, must come down. While one can certainly relate to the symbolism of a skyward flying token, has anyone also considered the harm they may also be doing to the environment and wildlife by the refuse left by helium balloons and lanterns? Death by balloon has been documented repeatedly in our our oceans and marshes. Particularly because we live in a coastal region, isn’t there something more purely constructive by which we can celebrate our events and loved ones?

PIO salary

I am wondering why the mayor of Gulfport did not write the request for the PIO. Seems like the mayor is letting others do his work. And, the PIO ran the mayor’s last campaign for a state position. Hmm! If the private sector is after him, so be it. There are lots more fish in the sea who can do the job.

No private prisons

The GOP came up with the idea of private prisons so that rich people can make money off them. Our tax money pays for each “client” in their prisons. Two results: The GOP lobbies against decriminalizing marijuana so they can have more clients. Staff and food quality have been dramatically cut to make a better profit. Private prisons are a dangerous nightmare.

No free lunch

I believe it was a politician decades ago that coined the phrase “There is no free lunch.” Today, Facebook users are shocked to come to terms with the reality of that concept.

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