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Sound Off for April 11: Spring break should be open to all

Biloxi is setting up a free text alert system to keep people updated about the 2018 Black Spring Break traffic.
Biloxi is setting up a free text alert system to keep people updated about the 2018 Black Spring Break traffic. Sun Herald File

Proud to serve

To the people who believe that only citizens should count on our Census — as a military veteran, I proudly served with non-citizens to include Vietnam. We didn’t ask if he was a citizen when he went and served. When he retired after 24 years active duty, he then became a citizen. Shouldn’t these proud men and women be counted?

Sand beach follies

Cannot believe we put up with the ignorance of the sand blowing debacle. Go to U.S. 90 for the circus — spending millions to add to the sand beach, while picking up the blown sand on the highway. Wow … and taxpayers just watch.

Equality needed

With all the hoopla about equal rights, let’s look at a discrimination in reverse: The current Selective Service law is discriminatory to males. Congress should amend the law to require all eligible men and women to register for the draft.

Welcome everyone

Don’t put a label on spring break. Make it welcome for everyone.

Double billing?

Do hospitals and doctors send their patients bills before they submit them to the patient’s insurance provider? I remember a time where I didn’t get the hospital, or doctor’s bill, until the insurance provider took care of its end of the bill. I am getting more and more bills where I have to call and tell the doctor or hospital to send the bill to the insurer first and then send me the balance. Almost 100 percent of the time I get an apology. This is happening too much to be attributed to incompetence. I believe these doctors and hospitals are sending these bills out to the patient in the hope of the patient paying the entire bill, and then after receiving payment sending the bill to the insurer. My secondary insurer caught a hospital trying to double bill.

Come on, Biloxi

Seriously, Biloxi. Starting another road construction? Please finish what you have started before you start another one. The people are tired of so much construction at one time.


There is sliced cheese not individually wrapped in plastic. I suggest the Sound Off writer complaining about the plastic wrapper take a better look in the grocery store the next time.

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