Sound Off

Sound Off for April 10: God bless the voices of the youth

Make it street-legal

Big difference between a golf cart designed for a golf course and a street-legal golf cart. Street-legal golf carts are designed for the streets and have all of the safety equipment to be used on public roads(blinkers, seat belts, etc.) while a golf course golf cart is designed to only be used on a golf course. If you want to drive a golf cart on public roads, then you need to purchase a street-legal golf cart.

VIN required

If you want to purchase automobile insurance for a vehicle it must have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can insure other types of vehicles under your homeowners policy with limited liability toward other vehicles on the road.

Insured for what?

Congratulations to the owner of the golf cart who has it insured. The question is, insured for what? To repair damage to the golf cart? I doubt if it has the minimum liability coverage required by law for motor vehicles, that would pay for damages and injuries to vehicles/persons in an accident caused by the golf cart.

Bless them

The youth anti-violence movement began with emotion, passion, pain, logic and factual research. I am so proud of these young people. God bless them all.

Something missing

Hancock County opened Texas Flat Road from Kiln to Nicholson about 10 years ago. Just wondering if they will ever paint the no passing yellow stripes on the curves that most roads have?

So depressing

Plant a tree, pick up some litter, wash your car yourself, go for a walk, stop being consumed by nonsense that doesn’t affect you. You’ll feel a lot better.

Why not?

Couldn’t we have a multi-discipline art degree? I can’t just focus on one subject.

Name the area

Many Sound Offs complain about things in a geographic area but they don’t mention what city/county. How is the reader to know? We have dozens of locales in the Sun Herald area.

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