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Sound Off for April 7: Golf carts belong on the golf course, not public streets

A Sun Herald file photograph of golf carts.
A Sun Herald file photograph of golf carts.

Trash problem

Every day I come home from work, I find trash from the apartments next to my house. Called the office of those apartments many times about this. Today, trash is everywhere. The very small dumpster is overflowing, the odor is horrible. Rats are everywhere, green flies, can’t open my windows. Can anyone tell me what city department I can go to to get the company to come in compliance with the city codes?

On the flag

The NAACP and others want another vote to remove state flag. While I don’t believe the results will come out differently, I disagree with statements that the flag represents hate, is a racist symbol, and implies blacks are second-class citizens. Last March on city hall protesters said the flag would keep shoppers away — they were wrong. I don’t believe filing a federal lawsuit is the answer; if they want change, it needs to go through a state representative.

Ban gun owners?

I propose a ban on people with guns. That way we don’t have to debate the people-gun thing anymore.


Yes, President Trump is not a gifted speaker — but remember he was not previously a politician. And thanks for opening the door to critique an ex-president who constantly fumbled with “eh, eh, eh” during his presentation, always read from a teleprompter and did not know how to pronounce “corpsman” when addressing the military.

Easy fix

Our government could solve this immigration problem very easily. All they have to do is amend the welfare system by restricting it to citizens only. That removes the reason for coming.

Golf carts vs. low-speed vehicles

If people want to drive on the public streets they should purchase a vehicle that is street legal. Golf carts do not have VIN numbers so insurance companies will not sell you auto insurance for them. Also the tax office will not sell you a tag. Golf carts belong on the golf course. Low-speed vehicles have VIN numbers and have car insurance and tags. Low-speed vehicles come with all of the safety items that make them legal for the streets (headlights, turn signals, blinkers, seat belts, etc.) Why would anyone pass legislation to allow golf carts on the streets when low-speed vehicles are made for the streets? Keep golf carts on golf courses where they belong.

Why not ditch plastic?

Mississippi protects plastic bags. I’ve just moved to Biloxi from Europe and I am enjoying it here with lots of beautiful nature around. With so many animals and shoreline to protect — why not give up plastic?

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