Sound Off

Sound Off for April 6: Where is my One Coast tag?

Where are tags?

How did yesterday’s Sound Off writer get a One Coast tag? We have been getting the runaround from these folks since May 2017 and still haven’t gotten our tags. We finally received a notice last week that the tags were available for pickup. Within a few hours, we received another email that said folks living in Biloxi had to wait until tags were sent to the Biloxi courthouse. A week later we still have no One Coast tag.

The grand plan

It may be intentional that the president repeats some words during his speeches to help Democrats understand what he is saying.

Want to see it

Your right to see the flag taken down infringes on my right to see it fly.

Not a concern

Evidently the Mississippi state flag is not offensive to the thousands of Black Spring breakers expected on the Coast. If it was a concern of theirs, they would be coming here to protest, not party.

Listen to context

We elected a businessman, not a politician who delivers speech written dialogue to mislead the public. I find that his unfiltered , politically incorrect statements get to the heart of most matters. Next time, listen to the context without a red pencil.

Think and be aware

I like roundabouts. They make you think and be aware. Keeps people from blowing through stop signs too. The only thing I worry about is if everyone knows the rules of driving around one.

Caution needed

I’m a new resident of Biloxi, and I recently had the pleasure of walking and running on the Biloxi/Ocean Springs Bridge for the first time this Easter Sunday. What a tremendous experience. My only beef is there is a bike lane on the other side of the wall separating the walkers/runners from the traffic. What if someone unaware were to suddenly sidestep or stumble into their path?

Those ultra liberals

Here’s my feeling about the Sound Off titled, “Really Smart,” printed in the April 4 Sun Herald. It very foolishly states that “our president is showing how he is against business, and that he is going to tank the stock market.” I can’t help but wonder under which rock the author has been hiding under by making such an outrageous accusation. Furthermore, the person at the Sun Herald who made the decision to print the Sound Off must have been hiding under the same rock. And/or, both of them are misguided, crybaby, ultra-liberal Democrats who will never accept the fact that Trump won and Hillary lost. I can’t wait to read this Sound Off in tomorrow’s edition of the Sun Herald.