Sound Off

Sound Off for April 5: One Coast car tag looks great!

Here’s another reason why Mississippi is No. 50

Our legislators are certainly not environmentalists by their stand FOR plastic bags. And we elected them.

More regulation

Here we go again, the party of less regulation making more regulations. Now we can’t even drive on the lane we want, and how will this be enforced? One hardly sees a patrolman anymore. How about making regulations that will make positive differences, like raising litter fines or raising cigarette tax or supporting public education, improving our roads and bridges, or even opening debate on our state flag.

Consider this

I’m writing to respond to all of the “smart alecks” who almost always respond to attempts to restrict gun ownership. Yes, we know people kill people, and not guns kill people. This is one of those situations when things have to combine first. Guns don’t kill people on their own, but when combined with certain people, they do. All any of us supporting “reform” are asking is that more consideration and investigation become joined so those certain people have no access to guns. Also, do any of you really need military-style rifles? I’m a responsible gun owner and still have no idea why I might “want” a military-style weapon. They’re only designed to kill.

And yet ...

My gun has been sitting in my closet under lock and key for 20 years and I have yet to see it jump out and shoot someone. People kill people, not guns.

Trump speech

Can someone tell me what is wrong with Donald Trump because when he speaks he is constantly repeating a word over and over. A form of autism, poor command of English or what? It is very strange and I never remember any other president doing this.

Thanks, Hewes

Congratulations to Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes for getting the One Coast car tags. We just got ours and they look great! Great show of pride in our Coast.

Dangerous and ridiculous

Ya know, I get on East Wortham and drive 10 miles over the speed limit and still get tailgated. What do I do? It’s dangerous with all the curves if I speed up. The grass and roadsides are torn up with people’s careless driving. It’s getting ridiculous.

Wise up

Mississippi knows about school funding controversy. West Virginia, Kentucky and Oklahoma confirm that red states have misled their voters at the expense of their children. Republican voters need to wise up.

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