Sound Off

Sound Off for April 4: Did aliens land in Saucier on Easter Sunday?

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End the bullying

I have been watching and reading about the young people marching in support of ending the school shootings. I would rather see some of that effort go into ending the bullying and cruelty — start accepting everyone just as they are — and being good to each other. I think that would go a long way to ending the school shootings.

Don’t need Gene Taylor

The Coast doesn’t need Gene Taylor for Senate. We have a fellow Coastian already in the race — David Baria. Check out this guy’s political history and more importantly how he has voted for all Mississippians and especially for the Coastal citizens he so ably represents. He’s smart, energetic and has been a bulldog voice of sanity against all the legislation that our present GOP-led state House has been fomenting for decades.

Really smart

Our business-smart president is showing how he is against business. He really is. He is going to tank the stock market.

A thought

Think of all my media shoutouts as coming from a stable genius with the world’s best memory.

Easter explosion

Whoa! Easter early evening, I thought the Chinese Space Lab had landed in Saucier. Never ever heard such a blast — the explosion shook the ground, our house, windows, etc. Not like a sonic boom. I’d like to know how far from my house it was. Does anyone know the true story? This shouldn’t be allowed anywhere.

Bad ideas

Roundabouts are awful. The federal government has been forcing these things down local governments’ throats for decades ... and local politicians jump right on board the roundabouts for the trickle down money. Grew up in a beautiful small city up north that fell in hard times after the mills moved to China. Cash strapped, the city agreed to four roundabouts for state-federal money. Was a disaster. The entire business district located away from the roundabouts. Now back on its feet, the city is ripping up the roundabouts on its own dime and replacing them. New math and roundabouts — bad ideas shoved down people’s throats.

Education first

I think it is unconscionable for our state Legislature to pass laws regarding dog fighting before they do anything about funding education for the state’s school children.

Amtrak … why?

Has anyone priced the tickets for a trip on the train? It’s more expensive than flying and takes longer to get there. It’s a lot cheaper to take a two-day drive from Picayune to Washington, D.C., than the train, and you get there about the same time. No Amtrak for me.

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