Sound Off

Sound Off for April 3: MDOT money could be better spent than a wall

More MDOT waste

So, MDOT wants to put up a noise wall at Diamondhead. Just who is behind this idea? The money wasted on this project would be better spent on repairing the surface on U.S. 90 from Biloxi to Henderson Point. Look at the money that MDOT wasted by cutting trees out of the median along U.S. 49 a few years ago. They ruined a beautiful ride.

Now we know what?

I also did an experiment to test the theory of “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” I put three guns in the middle of a room with several sane law-abiding people for an extended period of time and not only was no one shot or killed, but no one felt threatened.

Response to ‘Now we know’

As an alternate experiment: Take a handgun prepared for stowing as a prudent gun owner would do and attach it to your person. After wearing it for a day (24 hours), did it harm you or any associate?

Now we do know

Dear Ms. Now We Know: I performed an experiment similar to yours. I laid my loaded and cocked pistol on the kitchen table and told it to go kill that dog next door that barks 24 hours a day. It didn’t move. I told it a second time, “That barking drives me nuts. Go over there and kill that dog.” Nothing happened — it didn’t move. I raised my voice and yelled at it to go kill that doggone dog; he won’t shut up. It still didn’t move. I guess now we know, huh? P.S. I doubt the Sun Herald will print this.

Ask yourself

If a round-trip passenger train service between Gulfport and New Orleans is such a good idea, why did the railroad company do away with it? Common sense answer: It was a money-losing proposition.

No carts on city streets, please

Really?! It is not feasible to any one in their right mind that local officials would support and promote the use of golf carts on our city streets. Not only would damage be extensive to carts but injuries to cart occupants more likely than not could be very serious. Carts have been allowed to cross a street from golf course property to the other side of the street (or very short distances), all cautiously marked. People living on courses mostly use course cart paths. Golf carts are not properly equipped for “street use” nor safe. Please say no to golf cart use on city streets. I would hate to see a friend or family member face serious charges in case of an accident because of bad judgment by those elected to protect us.

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