Sound Off

Sound Off for March 31: Thanks for years of friendly service, Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie in Biloxi on Pass Road
Winn Dixie in Biloxi on Pass Road Sun Herald file

Here’s an idea

It’s just not fair. So, I have an idea: Whatever percentage that North Mississippi gets of the BP money, we should get the same percentage down here the next time they get federal money for a tornado that only affects their area.

New idea for wall

Dear MDOT, I want a wall built as well. It needs to run just north of the southern three counties. Maybe this will stop the thieves in Jackson from stealing what rightfully belongs to the Coast, the BP settlement money.

Thanks for the service

On behalf of the customers to the Biloxi Winn-Dixie I would like to say thank you for years of friendly and helpful service. We will very much miss the convenience of the store, but even more we will miss you, the employees of the various departments, plus checkout and management. Please accept our best wishes as you transition to a new phase of life.

Don’t forget homeowners

I think some of the BP money should go to homeowners on the Coast. I heard the spill did not affect property values but I don't believe that. They can use that magic line of I-10 to see who qualifies. Every homeowner below I-10 should get a check. Maybe the amount could be based on all the extra insurance costs everyone below I-10 paid as punishment after Katrina.

All men are equal?

All men might be created equal. However all men don't work equally hard, don't achieve equal education and don’t make the same smart choices regarding following society's rules. Equality of life should not be given freely to those who don't work for it.

Look around you

As I was sitting in my car at lunch I was just people watching. One of every 10 did not walk in the store with a cell phone. But the other 9 of 10 never looked up from their phones as they were texting. These are the people that don't see a sunset or sunrise and don't know what is going on around them. It is really sickening to see. These people need to look up and see what is going on around them and enjoy the day without their phones in hand.

Peace and stability

Our federal career civil service employees deliver services to over 300 million Americans daily. Though not perfect, our bureaucracy has provided the peace and stability that has allowed our people and businesses to prosper for over 100 years. It's what makes us unique in all the world. Once this "Deep State" is eliminated and our infrastructure is rewarded to Trump's supporters through privatization, we will be just like Putin's Russia.

Tough out there

Being unemployed and middle aged is like having a felony on your record. No one wants to have anything to do with you.