Sound Off

Sound Off for March 27: Fix the roads. Don’t build a wall.

Interstate 10 can get noisy, expecially when its busy and you live just yards from the interstate.
Interstate 10 can get noisy, expecially when its busy and you live just yards from the interstate. SUN HERALD File

A waste of money?

I cannot believe that MDOT is even considering building a wall to buffer the traffic noise at Diamondhead. I am a resident of Diamondhead, have lived here for many decades and, yes, I can hear the traffic when I go outside. But I knew that when I bought here. This is a waste of taxpayer money and it will be ugly. If you don't like to hear planes flying over don't live near the airport.

Roads needs repairs

Millions of dollars proposed for soundproofing walls along I-10 would be better spent on repairing our crumbling roads and highways. It's too bad that people bought homes too near the interstate in Hancock County and are bothered by the noise. We bought a home two blocks from the railroad tracks in Ocean Springs 30+ years ago, but we rarely notice the rumble of the trains and would never consider having tax dollars spent to muffle the noise for our comfort and convenience.

Lack of family unit?

Perhaps when protesting students reach voting age, they will have garnered the maturity and common sense to know that the gun violence is much deeper than guns. It is the lack of the family unit, individual values, responsibility and accountability.

Carry the Bible

All Trump has to do is start carrying a Bible everywhere he goes and have Jessie Jackson make a visit to the White House and everything will be over. Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton.

Out of hand

I agree these telemarketing phone calls have gotten out of hand. They are using local numbers which you call back and they knew nothing about it.

Calls a problem

I am here in North Carolina and I get the same calls. I don’t think there is a way to stop them unless someone passes a law to make it illegal and enforces it. The cell phone companies should come up with a way to keep people from changing their number on the caller ID’s then it might stop.

The real reason?

The reason for Mississippi's archaic animal abuse laws is plain and simple: Farm Bureau. I don't know how they can look at themselves in the mirror every morning.

Bad journalism

What a sad /unfair headline about the Favre’s on Sunday! Is everybody ever happy?

Good luck with argument

If MDOT builds a noise wall for Diamondhead they need to build a similar wall for residents in the neighborhoods just south of I-10 on Menge Avenue; however, an additional lane of traffic will not increase the perceived noise much anyway. A rule of thumb for the loudness of a particular sound is that the sound must be increased in intensity by a factor of ten for the sound to be perceived as twice as loud. So, good luck with the sound doubling argument.