Sound Off

Sound Off for March 25: Another Tenebrae service for Holy Week

In this corner ....

Now taking bets on the outcome of the upcoming Battle of the Titans. My money is on Biden. (Prediction: Knockout in the first round.)

Fire the leakers

I don’t always agree with President Trump. But what I do agree is him getting mad and firing leakers. How can you count on people who are not on your team? That is why he is a successful businessman.

It’s there, sorta

I beg to differ with a big impediment in the Sound Off this morning. Rouses in Gulfport and Ocean Springs sell wine, it’s just a lower alcohol content. Any wine connoisseur is going to want to go to a liquor store and not buy it at a grocery store.

Other concerns

When traveling south on Popp’s Ferry, turning left onto Pass Road and taking the next right onto Beauvoir Road, who is going to look left and right and notice vacant buildings? Jockeying for position in that area keeps your attention on the road.

Cashing in

With all the safety engineering in today’s cars, when’s the last time you heard or read about someone in a minor accident getting out of their car and saying “I’m fine. You OK?” Everyone’s cashing in.

Let ’em shine

Radio towers need lights.

Another Tenebrae service

There is also a Holy Thursday Tenebrae Service, 11 p.m. to midnight, at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Ocean Springs. All are welcome.

I’m happy

I couldn’t be happier. The headline about the vote failing for letting teachers carry guns was music to my ears.

Keep in mind

There are two rules for success: (1) Never reveal all that you know.

Just stop calling

Once again a call from Veronica from credit card services. It came from a local number. I had time and decided to talk instead of hanging up. I get transferred to a human who asks what she can do for me. I said that I have no credit cards and would love for you and Heather to quit calling. The line went dead after I said no credit cards. I call the number back and wake up somebody napping at home. How can we stop this? Four or more calls a week, sometimes twice in a day.

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