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Sound Off for March 22: Recycling schedule is not feasible

Waste Pro recycling bins sit at a storage site in Gulfport on Wednesday Sept. 26, 2012 before being distributed in Harrison County.
Waste Pro recycling bins sit at a storage site in Gulfport on Wednesday Sept. 26, 2012 before being distributed in Harrison County. File

Here’s one service

One Tenebrae service is at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ocean Springs on Wednesday, March 28. Check the website for details.

And another one

To the person looking for a Tenebrae service on the Coast, First Presbyterian Church in Pascagoula has one at 7 p.m. on March 29. The Lord’s Supper will be offered. This service is one of the most powerful and moving services of the whole year. All are invited!

A cause for concern

Am I the only one concerned that there will be an almost empty strip mall (now that Winn Dixie is leaving) across from a vacant huge Walmart building in the heart of West Biloxi? These empty buildings are on the road that all visitors must pass getting from Interstate 10 to the beach. That is embarrassing. I hope Biloxi can draw in some investors soon.

Recycling concerns

This probably won’t get printed since I’ve already complained about the recycling issue. Well, Waste Pro, it has been another week that I just finished dumping all my recycling into my trash container because it gets too full to continue adding more to it. So I just dump and start over with an empty container until the next recycling day. This is getting old and I am very close to just stopping recycling at all. Having a pick up every two weeks is not working for me.

A capital offense?

Make identity theft a capital offense.

Long enough?

The attorney general should have never begun this nightmare Russian “interference” investigation. It will never end. Put up or shut up Mr. Mueller as this has gone on quite long enough.

What is that?

Can someone tell us what is being built behind the Popp’s Ferry Road Neighborhood Walmart?

In need of help

Liberals want to help the poor, but statistically it appears that they want to help them just enough to keep them in need of help. Conservatives also want to help the poor escape poverty via temporary assistance, skill training and jobs. Liberal socialism helps the poor until the money runs out. Conservative capitalism helps the poor by providing a replenishing stream of money that funds training and jobs. A trained and skilled employee who has escaped poverty is a very valuable employee determined to keep his/her employment and greater sense of self worth.

A big impediment

Do not ever expect to see a Publix, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in Mississippi as long as our esteemed lawmakers will not allow wine to be sold in grocery stores.

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