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Sound Off on March 21: We need a replacement grocery store in Biloxi

Winn-Dixie closed its store on Pass Road in Biloxi. Sound Off readers are pleading for another chain to come in to fill the gap.
Winn-Dixie closed its store on Pass Road in Biloxi. Sound Off readers are pleading for another chain to come in to fill the gap. File

A sad day

It’s a very sad day in this country when some people are more upset over students who are protesting in accordance with their constitutional rights to try and stop mass shootings than they are about students being carried out of schools in body bags.

Good location?

Winn Dixie in Biloxi is gone. It will be missed. What next? How about a Trader Joe’s? Even a Publix would be OK. We need a grocery store as a replacement quickly. It’s a good location. Help!

Living the good life

Pets are called pets because we are supposed to pet them, not just chain them outside with food and water and then ignore them. Pets need love and attention. That and food is all they really want. I see so many dogs chained up and never see anyone play with them. The poor things must be covered in fleas and ticks. Please have compassion for animals who can’t speak for themselves. Love and compassion for people and animals is living the good life.

Service schedule?

Does any church on the coast offer a Tenebrae service during Holy Week?

How to live life

I know what will decrease the ridiculous budget of Child Protective Services. How about people get married for life, go to church together, get jobs, go to school, never try drugs or tobacco or alcohol, practice safe sex, have enough children you can afford to care for, be a role model, love one another, and whatever positive thing I haven’t mentioned.

Get us a grocery

Unless the laws are changed here you will never see a Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods or Fresh Market. If they can’t sell wine they will never come here. I moved here from Atlanta and have regretted it ever since. I will be moving back and will be glad to get away from this third-world country.


Is there such a thing as self-defense against the American government?

Blame the Bible thumpers

Does the writer of “a change is overdue” really believe that a change in Jackson will get us a grocery store here on the Coast? How foolish of you. Go read about the grocery industry and learn how they work. And your comment about the lottery is just as ludicrous. It is the Bible thumpers in the northern part of Mississippi that keep us from having a lottery. They don’t mind taking a share of the money from the casinos but they are unwilling to take a share of the risk to support a lottery. Almost the entire coastal delegation supports the establishment of a lottery. The same goes for BP money. Can someone explain why anyone in Brookhaven, for example, should ever receive a cent of this award?

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