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Sound Off for March 18: Please, Gene, we need you

Former U.S. Rep Gene Taylor is grand marshal for the Gulf Coast Veterans Day Parade Nov. 9 in D’Iberville
Former U.S. Rep Gene Taylor is grand marshal for the Gulf Coast Veterans Day Parade Nov. 9 in D’Iberville Sun Herald File

Gene, we need you

The fact that Gene Taylor thinks for himself and will not be led by a political party agenda is why people love him so much. He voted on what he thought was right and crossed party lines when necessary. I believe he is a moderate and would love for him to run as an independent. We need people like him to help get our country out of this chaos we are in right now. Please run Gene, we need you!

Red tape response

If you want to learn the definition of “bureaucratic red tape” try calling the Medicare Appeals Council in Washington, D.C. to get an update on an appeal! I’m into my fifth year of trying to clear up a problem on my Medicare insurance. Been shuffled from one automated call to another leaving info for a return call which never comes! Finally spoke with a live person today who gave me another number to call. Guess what I got when I called? Yep! Another automated response!

Negative campaigns

Stop the negative campaigning and tell me something I need to know about why I should vote for you. Guarantee I won’t be voting for Roger Wicker or Chris McDaniel if all I see is negative ads from either of them.

Signs don’t help

Yes, yard signs are so important in an election. One year, I saw 25 yard signs for each of the candidates. On the morning of the election I drove around for an hour until I found one more sign so I would know who I should vote for.

No tobacco tax?

Maybe we should vote the GOP out of office in Mississippi. They could not even vote for an increase of tax on tobacco that would have benefitted our people and revenue and is supported by American Cancer Society and health advocacy groups. They said they need to check with the GOP dominated tax adverse house. What a cop out!

Please be kind

If you are looking at handmade items that were crafted by someone and you have the need to be critical of them, don’t do it within earshot of the artist. I realize everyone has the right to their opinion, but as my mother always said “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” And it’s just plain rude.

Grocery needs

Professional developers say high-end retailers look for “rooftops” before investing in a new store. On the Coast it seems that cities are throwing every new trend out there to see what sticks. The truth is that Whole Foods or Publix won’t locate in this area until the population increases and that means concentrate on jobs, housing and quality of life issues like schools.

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