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Sound Off for March 15: The Biloxi farmer’s market needs more exposure

The Biloxi farmers market is reopening for the 2017 season on April 4 with a new name to reflect its role in the community.
The Biloxi farmers market is reopening for the 2017 season on April 4 with a new name to reflect its role in the community. Courtesy City of Biloxi

Extend Beatline

Long Beach, if you think that a multimillion-dollar extension of Beatline Road to U.S. 90 is a good idea, consider spending the money toward making it four lanes from U.S. 90 to Interstate 10. The confusion concerning the curve at the south end could be solved by installing two road signs indicating the way to the beach.

Students, take the lead now

I’d like to commend those students who have decided to walk out in protest over gun control. Sadly, you’re wasting your time. A fact you will learn is that if you wait for the government to do something, you’ll wait a long time or forever. As for being future leaders, why wait? Take your safety into your own hands and join with other students to research what’s being done elsewhere. Then design safer schools for yourselves. The Marines have a saying, “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!” Start being leaders now. You can do it!

Wondering why

Why is it only Sound Offs praising Gene Taylor are printed? None of the Sound Offs I have sent, pointing out his token conservative votes while voting with Nancy Pelosi the majority of the time. He was a Democrat for a reason. This one probably won’t get printed either.

No substance

Once again we are bombarded with negative political advertising with no message except, “Vote for me because the other guy is a crook!” What about removing the 7 percent tax on food. How about building an interstate to Jackson. How will you help the poorest state in the nation rise from the bottom? Conservative or liberal, it doesn’t matter. Mississippians need a representative working to improve our state and help our people!

Go Trump, go!

When Trump was elected, it should have been clear that as a businessman instead of a professional, petrified politician, he wouldn’t hesitate to fire underperforming or disloyal subordinates. He will keep going through staff until he gets a team that can get a lot done in a short time. He understands presidents have very little time, even in two terms, to make a few significant changes because the ponderous establishment resists so hard.

Where would I be?

I aspire to be a doctor one day. Now that I have learned from a television commercial that 6 is greater than 1, I have hope.

Not used

Biloxi’s libraries are not the only thing not being utilized in Biloxi. The farmers market has the same issues. Biloxi has a big, beautiful market but the powers that be just don’t seem to care enough to help it thrive and grow. There is so much potential there, Mayor Gilich. How about putting someone totally new in charge?

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