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Sound Off for March 14: Drivers need to slow it down on U.S. 90

A Sound Off reader says motorists often speed down U.S. 90 with no one to check them up.
A Sound Off reader says motorists often speed down U.S. 90 with no one to check them up. File

It’s not my fault

This is the age of non-responsibility. The key phrase is “It’s not my fault.” No one seems to take responsibility for their own actions anymore. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Tongue in cheek

In regard to the Tourism Commission wanting a brand for the Coast: How about, “Vacation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast — We’re not like the rest of the State!”

What’s up, Biloxi?

Each week I read the “Things to do this week column.” I see numerous activities (classes) going on at the libraries on the Coast from Moss Point to Bay St. Louis for adults. Never do I see anything happening at the Biloxi Libraries. Biloxi has three very nice libraries (cannot count the little trailer in the Woolmarket area). Why are the Biloxi libraries underutilized?

U.S. 90 drivers

Saw a Sound Off that pretty much repeats what I have experienced for years. If you are doing the speed limit, you will be passed by most and tailgated by the rest — regardless of what lane you are in. Police presence between DeBuys Road and the Bay St. Louis bridge is minimal at best. There seems to be an occasional Long Beach Police vehicle parked off of U.S. 90 on Sundays, when nobody is really in a hurry. I would say that 6 to 9 a.m. eastbound, and 3 to 6 p.m westbound would be the best time to catch the speeders. This obviously is not anyone’s intent.


We currently call people who throw trash on our neighborhoods ... litterbugs. Instead, let’s call them what they really are: litterPIGs!

No, no Roger

Oh no, Sen. Wicker. You are getting off to a very bad start. I cannot believe you are airing that commercial about McDaniel. I want to know why we should vote for you — not why we should not vote for McDaniel. This is going to hurt you big time. Think positive.

Thanks, Republicans

I want to thank the Republicans in Congress for the tax break. Now I have more money to contribute to Democratic candidates.


Speaker Gunn is correct, Mississippi’s education system does not have a reliable funding source, and that especially includes the Mississippi Legislature. A lottery would be more reliable.

It’s our highway, not your driveway!

Dear citizens of Ocean Springs who use U.S. 90: Please don’t slam your breaks when you need to make a turn on the highway. Ease off the gas, use those blinkers for once, and get on the shoulder. Also, no more tailgating! It’s not gonna get you anywhere faster.

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