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Sound Off for March 9: Who will replace Cochran?

Republican U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi is resigning.
Republican U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi is resigning. AP

Don’t bend the rules

I am not a resident of Bay St. Louis but I enjoy visiting there. I hope city leaders will not allow the drive-through to become a reality. If you bend the rules for one, others will follow and slowly Bay St. Louis will not be the town it is now. I remember when urban renewal destroyed so many beautiful little towns in the name of progress. Don’t let this happen to your city.

Fill churches on Easter Sunday

I haven’t seen much good news in the paper lately. There are many articles on crime, drugs, violent gangs, abused children and protests of all kinds. Why don’t we decide to attend church on Easter Sunday, April 1? Every citizen. There are plenty of churches. Let’s fill every one to overflowing and focus on the One who loves with a perfect love, Jesus Christ.

Training for students?

With everything that has been happening lately, I have seen that some colleges are preparing their employees with active shooter training. That’s wonderful. What about the students? Shouldn’t the students have some sort of training as well? And with regards to that, what about “active shooter drills” in elementary and high school? We have tornado and fire drills, so why not active shooter drills? I am asking a serious question and I want a serious answer.

Not enough

Bay St. Louis and Hancock County have come a long way. But the fact that race is even an issue in the Board of Education appointments proves they haven’t come nearly far enough.

Make my day

It’s amazing how many speeders, tailgaters, reckless drivers, etc., who are writing Sound Offs chastising those who drive within the traffic laws. You know, those who think it’s their road and you’re in their way? We have all kinds of traffic laws that you break every time you drive, yet just because you’re in a hurry for some unknown reason you think law-abiding drivers should be punished. How many times do you get caught? I wish it was every time you got on the road. That would make my day.


Where’s our Jersey Mike’s Subs?

Taking a turn

To “Which am I?”: Some people are in the left lane because they want to turn left. They really should slow down to do that safely.

Cochran’s replacement

The governor does not want to see that swamp drained. Replenishing it with some other career government hack that will be able to build a power base over the next 20 to 25 years. The 2016 election results indicated a desire to drain, not add a spigot.

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