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Sound Off for March 6: All coffee lovers in Bay St. Louis could be happy

This is the architect’s rendering of the Creole Creamery and PJ’s Coffee planned for Bay St. Louis.
This is the architect’s rendering of the Creole Creamery and PJ’s Coffee planned for Bay St. Louis. Harry Baker Smith Architects/Jim MacPhaille

Kimmel has ‘flipped’

It appears to me that Jimmy Kimmel, who is, allegedly, a “comedian,” has completely “flipped” his sense of reasoning and that he’s getting help from the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein and the rest of those liberal Democrats who are doing all they can to destroy our great country. How can Jimmy Kimmel be such an “expert” on governmental matters

PJs idea

PJs Coffee: Just become a walk-thru and make everyone happy. Better yet, make it a drive-thru for golf carts only.

Shunned again

Black Spring Break is upon us and I’m sure we will be shunned again like the plague because of the Mississippi flag.

Report them

To the person complaining about the neighbors driving with illegal car tags, do what I did — report them to the authorities. It may take several phone calls, but eventually it will be taken care of. I promise.

Think about your vote for politicians

I’m sure Chris McDaniel is a good man, but his political views are as far right as Bernie Sanders are to the left. We need politicians who are more centered in their views. Think long and hard about who you send to represent Mississippi in Washington.

Move along

To “No Emergency:” First, slower traffic keep right is Mississippi law. Second, I was offering a solution to your problem. Moving forward, people will continue to stay on your tail.


I’m still questioning a failing sporting goods retailer’s true underlying reason for discontinuing the sale of assault style guns. If they go back in their books 30 years and write a big check to charity for all the profits from those sales I might change my opinion. But then I’d have to question the charity that happily accepted gun profit money.

Seat belts needed on school buses

My 6-year-old grandson was telling me what he didn’t like about riding the school bus. He said that he couldn’t buckle up, that the bus doesn’t have seat belts. When will we protect our children?


Yahoo! Congratulations to Phil Mickelson and all of his faithful followers, including me and my dad, on his 43rd PGA win in Mexico. We had to wait five years to see it, but it was well worth the wait.

Protect our kids

The FBI does a better job protecting the former administration than protecting school kids.

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