Sound Off

Sound Off for March 5: Blame it on assault rifles and social media


It’s looking trashy

We just came back from our walk around Crossroads Mall. Whoever the new Trash Company is they are not doing a good job as the first company did. There is trash along the curbs. Plastic cups,lids and candy wrappers/paper/cardboard in parking lots. Trash bins are overflowing with trash and also outside the store fronts. Apparently this company does not blow all the pavements in front of stores out to the roads and then drive truck down to sweep up like our last company did. Wish they were back

No emergency

To “Change Lanes.” When I am driving the speed limit, then the lane I am in is irrelevant unless you are an emergency vehicle.

Sad for what?

For sad, if taking your gun business else where just because a few retailers made a conscience decision to make us all a little safer saves even one students life or any ones for that matter then I say kudos to the retailer. Our children’s lives are worth more than that.

Not politically correct

The sporting goods store is not being politically correct. They obviously made a decision based on conscience and community well being. Something Republicans in office can’t seem to do except to the highest bidder. I’m sure this store knew there would be backlash from people like you. But, there will also be people like me ... who will now go out of their way to shop there in order to support someone who put conscience above profits.

Boycott the NRA?

The NRA is not your enemy!!! If you choose to boycott the NRA that is your business. As a Lifetime Member of The NRA if I choose to boycott you that is my business.

Who cares?

Who really cares about watching a bunch of over paid actors, patting themselves on the back and making political statements? Why not sell your $100K gift bag and give the proceeds to charity?

Be careful

I am a veterinarian. Even a doctor cannot tell whether a sick raccoon stumbling around has distemper or Rabies without laboratory testing. All the more reason to be extremely careful around sick raccoons.

Spring Break traffic concerns

Try being a homeowner in West Biloxi during Black Spring Break, or even during a normal Coliseum event. The traffic is horrendous. Whatever happened to the perfect idea of extending Popps Ferry Rd straight to Hwy 90? As it is, Beauvoir Rd gets the brunt of that traffic and residents there are trapped. West Biloxi desperately needs more north/south outlets. The powers that be need to work on this.

Bad people

It is more accurate to say social media and assault rifles help to enable bad people.