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Sound Off for March 4: They should have been protesting stores, not politicians

Outside view of a Dick's Sporting Goods store in Arlington, Va. on March 1, 2018.
Outside view of a Dick's Sporting Goods store in Arlington, Va. on March 1, 2018. TNS

One-sided trade

Trump is right about trade being one sided. The reason jobs are being moved out of our country is because we let other countries ship their products here almost tax free. Ask someone who has shipped something large like a car to another country from here and you would be surprised how much tax they have to pay when they get there. That is how they keep their jobs at home.

Tell it like it is

Thank you, Chief Papania, for telling it like it is. In this day and age too many shy away from placing blame squarely where it belongs. I respect the fact that you are able to speak out and put the blame for incidents like the recent fights squarely where it should be.

Tags tell the tale

My neighbor has five cars registered in Florida. Another neighbor been driving three years with an auto advertisement tag. The laws need to be enforced; maybe the price would be less. No wonder we rank third.

Show other side

In a national debate on school shootings, gun violence, the NRA and the Second Amendment, stories of how concealed weapons have saved lives would be part of fair and objective reporting.

Who’s to blame?

All this time everyone has been protesting at the capitols and to politicians when quietly, the stores who sell assault weapons quit selling them on their own. Shouldn’t they have been protesting the stores all along?

They found money

It's strange that politicians can find money to arm our teachers but they can't find money to educate our children.

It’s people’s fault

Saying that social media are to blame for the threats to Gautier and Pascagoula schools is like saying that the A.R. 15 is to blame for the Florida school shooting. Bad people are to blame.

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