Sound Off

Sound Off for March 2: ‘Assault rifle’ is being used incorrectly

Smith & Wesson AR-15 semi-automatic rifles
Smith & Wesson AR-15 semi-automatic rifles File photo

Get the name right

“Assault rifle” is a misnomer. Anything can be used to “assault” someone. If I “assault” you with a pair of chopsticks, guess what you have. “Military-style” weapon is more appropriate and, yes, I don’t think it’s necessary for Joe Public to own a military-style weapon without proper training and permits.

Day without sunshine?

I know that life will go on, but a day without Hope Hicks is like a day without grits. And a day without grits is like a day without sunshine.

Some applause for Dick’s

How wonderful that Dick’s Sporting Goods is taking a positive stand and eliminating sales of assault rifles at their stores and raising the purchase age for guns to 21. There is nothing sporting about the use of an assault rifle. I hope Academy and all the other retail stores that continue to sell these weapons will feel pressured to also discontinue sales. Dick’s has taken a courageous stand and are to be applauded for their initiative.

Boycotts work both ways

Business owners should realize that boycotts work both ways. Boycott NRA members and gun owners and face your own boycott.

‘Nice’ finish

Tiger Woods was once one of the greatest champions. No one knows if he can regain that standing. Until he does please spare us the half page articles gushing about how great it was for him to finish 12th.

Take a good look

For over 20 years, schools have been identified as soft targets. This is not a second amendment issue. Law enforcement needs to take a serious look on their end. Quit putting deputies and officers that are less than stellar in the schools.

Don’t litter

The litter was picked up along U.S. 49 in the county, finally. Can we please keep the trash in the vehicles or in a trash can where it belongs?

Slow it down

Cowan/Lorraine Road is heavily traveled. More law enforcement is needed. Why be in a hurry to get nowhere? Please stay off my rear. I’m not going any faster than the speed limit. Plus give us enough space in event one needs to get out of way for a person not paying attention to traffic lights. Too many accidents have become a problem. Have a blessed day, but slow down

It’s a shame

It is truly a shame that for whatever reason some people end up addicted to opioids and the rest of us have to suffer. It is a shame so many take their medicines honestly and see their doctors as they should. Why is it whenever anything happens officials go overboard and the honest ones have to pay in more ways than one?