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Sound Off February 25: ‘Parents need to stop running to Facebook’ to report crimes


Thank you, Chief Papania

Kudos to Chief Papania for setting the record straight on how to "properly" report a threat. Parents need to stop running to Facebook and other social media outlets as their avenue to report rumors. You only create chaos and make yourself look foolish. Use common sense and go through the correct channels to create change. Yours truly, a millennial.

Farmers market signs

Where are all the signs for Biloxi’s Farmers Market? Have they been taken down due to construction or have they never been there? Biloxi has a year-round market but it's not easy to find if you are not from this area. Come on, Biloxi. Step up and put some signs up.

Sorry I tailgated

To the driver and passenger, driving east on U.S. 90 on Thursday, Feb. 22: I apologize for tailgating you. I don’t know what I was thinking. I am not usually an inconsiderate or an aggressive driver. I am sorry that I upset you. Sincerely, Driver of the Red Car.

A solution?

In Greensboro, North Carolina, during this wonderful time of the year, the residents pile their leaves in front of their houses. Once a week, a vac truck comes by and sucks up the piles, and the leaves go to the county farm for mulch and compost. No plastic bags, no clogged drains, no high fecal counts in the Gulf from decaying vegetation, etc.

Wonderful memory

I took my wife and daughter to lunch at Mr. B’s in New Orleans during the GOP Convention in 1988. Billy Graham was sitting next to us, and the restaurant fixed him a double order of black-eyed peas. I had goose bumps listening to him talk to the waiter. There is a plaque next to the table where he was sitting.

Love trash service

Thursday night I put out my trash can and recycle can on wheels. This morning at 9 a.m. a robo-call woke me up, so I got out of bed to get my paper. When I got outside, my trash can was empty as well as my recycle can. I love my service. Hats off to the new company in Biloxi.

No surprise

Congrats to Keesler Medical as being selected “Best in the US Air Force.” No surprise to me. My family and I have enjoyed superb care there, both on active duty and now as a proud Air Force military retiree. Keep up the great work.

Not a game

For all parents: Please talk to your children and do it now and explain the consequences of giving these threats about killing people. And to the kids who do this after all the sad stories and adults and kids losing their lives, you need to be punished. This is not a game.

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