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Sound Off for February 19: Please add glass to recyclable items

A reader would love to see glass bottles added to the accepted recycling items in South Mississippi.
A reader would love to see glass bottles added to the accepted recycling items in South Mississippi. The Telegraph / File

Moving the focus

The Republicans and the Trump Administration, who have been bought and paid for by the NRA, are desperately trying to take the focus off of the military assault weapon that is the one common denominator in all American mass murders. Instead, they talk about mental health being the problem. The whole world is full of mentally unhealthy people. We are the only country that arms them.

Break-in luxury

A news report said two suspects accused of breaking into several vehicles in the Biloxi area were driving a newer model Lincoln MKZ. That’s not a cheap car. Maybe they were out of cash after the last car payment or needed gas money.

Humans at fault

Outlawing guns is akin to outlawing vehicles to combat drunk driving! MADD did not campaigned to abolish alcohol or vehicles, they fought drunk driving. Humans commit crimes, not inanimate objects.

What’s the deal?

There has been an effusion of collusion allegations in the last year. May we have a conclusion?

Do your research

To Does He Remember: The rollback of the mental health law that President Trump rescinded to which you referred stated that anyone who could not handle their finances would be considered mentally ill and therefore could not own a gun. Did that law make any sense? Research the topic. Don’t just listen to the media.

Parochial discipline

I just realized I have never heard of a school shooting at a parochial school. I wonder if the fact that parochial schools don't have mass shootings is because they are freer to discipline than public schools?

I have rights, too

You're right. Nobody should be forced into patriotism. However, when you choose to disrespect the very country that gave you these rights to express your skewed views, don't be surprised when you get blowback. If you have the right to criticize, then I have the right to call you on it. It works both ways.

Recycle glass too!

Someone or some company out there must recycle glass. I sure do hate to put these large bottles in the trash when they could be recycled. Please WastePro, change your minds about omitting glass. Have a set way you want them put out.


Your paper reported today that people on food stamps (SNAP) feel dignity if they have the card and would lose it and just be given food. I bet they get huge dignity from free medical care, free cell phone service, virtually free WiFi , no federal income tax, etc. Somehow I feel a job is below their dignity.

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