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Sound Off for Feb. 15: No one can beat Anthony’s Under the Oaks for romance

Anthony's Under The Oaks in Ocean Springs is a great spot for romance, a Sound Off reader tells us.
Anthony's Under The Oaks in Ocean Springs is a great spot for romance, a Sound Off reader tells us. Sun Herald / File

Welcome back chief

Congrats to Chief Keith Davis for once again taking on the reigns of the Moss Point Police Department. Best wishes in a tough and thankless job!

Novel concept?

There is a reason for “the blame game.” It is the novel concept that we expect to get what we paid for. We are spending millions for garbage and recycling pickup and we are not getting our money’s worth.

Where’s the service?

Why would anyone have to deal with the garbage and the recycling themselves when we pay good money for a service that we’re not getting?

Most romantic?

I know it’s in Ocean Springs, but to me Anthony’s Under the Oaks is the most romantic restaurant around here.

Let’s all pitch in

All these litter comments talking about who should clean up. Let’s see ... about 40,000 linear feet of parade route. Figure an average person can pick up a few hundred feet in under an hour with no problem. So, get a couple hundred parade riders and civic minded parade goers to volunteer and simply pick up stuff up for an hour. Can’t be that hard. It’s free. Great fun social activity. Good exercise. Fresh air. Or just sit and complain.

Better editing

Forget national anthem and NFL boycotts. I’m boycotting the Sun Herald until they get rid of the Trump-hating liberal Sound Off editor. We don’t need a Trump-loving Sound Off editor, either, just an objective one. Doubt this will make Sound Off.

Worthy paintings?

The Obamas chose their respective artists for their portraits so one has to assume they knew their work. Be careful what you ask for because they certainly didn’t get presidential worthy paintings.

Pick up the trash

Jeez, did Biloxi get hit by a hurricane? No, it’s just the aftermath of people who attended the GCCA Mardi Gras Parade.

Why add to deficit?

What is wrong with Republicans and why are they so accepting of Trump’s adding to the deficit?

Not enough jobs

Contrary to some people’s popular belief, there aren’t enough jobs to go around.