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Sound Off for February 14, 2018: Nelly can’t save concerts at MGM park

Nelly performs at Gulfport Music Festival in 2012.
Nelly performs at Gulfport Music Festival in 2012. File

Another genre, maybe?

In reference to the front page article, “Can Nelly save Non- Baseball”, the first Rap concert did not save it and now you’re going to try another Rap concert?!? Seems like another Genre of music (and there are many others to choose from) might be a better ticket rather than trying the definition of insanity with the same thing over and over!


The inconsistency of CPS is ridiculous. I am a Mississippi licensed social worker and have reported parents for abuse and/or neglect, NOT anonymously. The workers called the parents to schedule an appointment! The budget increases and additional staff throughout the years since the state was cited in 2004, has not improved the underlying negative culture within the system, all at the expense of vulnerable children. Why?

Congratulations, Carlos

As a parent whose son (Harrison Central graduate), graduated with high honors from the Air Force Academy – “Congratulations” to Carlos Dillard. It is a tough course but the benefits have paid off for my son and will do the same for you. We’re very proud of you and where your headed. God Bless

Olympic cold

Ask a Korean war veteran about the war and many will mention the cold. Accounts detail temperatures near 32 degrees below zero. Approximately 5,300 US soldiers suffered frostbite.

Pedal problem

I’ve noticed there’s plenty of bicycle Beggars and peddling panhandler’s at your local Walmart and even the mall parking lots. Plenty of people looking for something for nothing

Bad portrait

I was not a political supporter of President, however, I always respected the office he rightfully held. The official portrait of First Lady Obama is terrible. It doesn't look at all like her and it isn't flattering. While the Obamas we're classy and gracious about it, someone picked the wrong artist for this project. Get someone who can deliver an excellent life like portrait worthy of her status.

Don’t glamorize North Korea

It really is unconscionable that many media outlets have been fawning over North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister at the Winter Olympics. They are pathetic, communist worshippers who haven't had the privilege of living in the squalid, dangerously oppressive conditions in North Korea for one day. Glamorizing the regime is propaganda.

Palazzo woes?

I want to know. Just what was Steven Palazzo doing in Kosovo? Maybe drumming up some personal business? Let's look into this. This guy needs to go home for good next election.

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