Sound Off

Sound Off for February 13: Why do we leave litter during Coast celebrations?

How can this happen?

There is something wrong about Donald Trump, a sitting president, building a hotel chain and asking for tax breaks. How foolish can we be to allow this to happen?

The blame game

Predictable. Republicans who run all aspects of government, blame Democrats for $1.2 trillion in deficit spending on every Sunday news program.

A perfect solution?

I have the perfect solution for those of you that keep whining about the recycling and garbage service. Do it yourselves. Then, if something goes wrong you can only blame yourselves and maybe we won’t have to read about it every day in this column.

A change of habits

Several articles in the Sun Herald recently highlighted attention to the litter created by Mardi Gras participants. This is part of starting the discussion on finding the most acceptable answer and changing bad habits. Public Works personnel do a fantastic job trying to clean up plastic bags, beads, paper and various beverage containers before rains and winds deliver the litter to the Bayous and Mississippi Sound. Visit Deer Island one week after Mardi Gras and the 4th of July and a person can observe the resulting litter. These 2 Coastal celebrations are the only times of year when litter is deemed acceptable by our local society. Do we want to change?

Support the parade

A lot has been said about the President wanting a military parade. We have military air shows here and in Pensacola for the public. No one complains. We have parades of most every kind, also at the taxpayers’ expense. No one complains. I think the president is proud of our military and supports them. I know I do and would attend if close by.

Container envy

Same story, different day. I see where Harrison County has some really nice full-size recycling containers while we at Gulfport have to stack multiple containers to seriously recycle. It appears that the City of Gulfport’s mayor is not interested in giving the folks of Gulfport a full-size container. My guess is that it cost a few more dollars.

Zero tolerance policy

People have no fear of littering. How many times have you been at a stoplight and someone throws a cigarette out the window? Stores don’t have garbage cans in front of them. Some fast food places have none or they are hard to get to or out of the way. Littering can be controlled. But it’s going to take more than cute TV commercials. Raise the fine to $1,500. Show the litterers it’s not going to be tolerated anymore. Can’t pay the fine? You must do community service. It’s a deliberate act to litter.

Will Nelly sell?

Nelly, a headliner that’s going to be a record breaking, non-baseball event at the MGM Park? Uh, no.