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Sound Off for February 12: Shoplifting is getting out of hand

In this Dec. 13, 2013 photo, a shopper browses the aisles at Macy's flagship store in New York.
In this Dec. 13, 2013 photo, a shopper browses the aisles at Macy's flagship store in New York. AP

Clean it up!

Kudos to the writer of Trashy, Trashy, Trashy! The coastal cities generally keep their cities clean and litter-free. However, anyone traveling on other highways such as 49 and 67, will see an ugly view of our state. Litter — everywhere you look — large garbage items, all over the place! Why would any tourist want to look at this mess? It makes me embarrassed and ashamed to be a Mississippian!

Don’t lie

Grammar Matters failed to provide a context reference, so it really doesn’t matter, does it?

Voters rule

The only thing that can get the attention of a politician is a voter. If you have no (or very few) voters on your street, the repair dollars will go to streets that do have voters.

A new level

Shoplifting has been taken to a new extreme, as people now load their buggies and walk out of a store without paying. We have seen one at a grocery store and two at another store do this in the last week. The employees are not allowed to stop them for fear of being harmed. They do, however, have these people’s photos on camera and those get turned into the police, as well as the license numbers of their vehicles. What more can be done to protect the employer from these losses? Their losses trickle on down to the consumer and prices go up because of all the theft.

Not quite right

No person in their right mind is going to flush a small animal down the toilet. So I agree, there is something not quite right about that story.

Age question

Can anyone explain to me why, in most of the large Carnival krewes, the queen and maids are always so much younger than the king and dukes?

Just wondering

Will cloud computing eliminate IT support?

Who’s got the power?

American doesn’t have military parades to flaunt and show our power. North Korea does though. Is this a one-upmanship?

Gets my vote

Steven Palazzo, why can’t you have a town hall meeting? If you can’t, you won’t have my vote. Concerned constituents of Mississippi Fourth District.

Coastal state

Casino revenues are spread throughout the state. FEMA money was taken after Katrina. Now the BP money. I’ve said many times, the coastal counties should stop the robbery of our revenues and create our own state.

Doesn’t equate

How is raising tobacco taxes going to save lives? It’s not. Addicted people do not make purchase decisions based on cost. Politicians know that. Increased sin taxes are just another way to pad the budget and cover wasteful spending.

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