Sound Off

Sound Off for February 11: Help take trash off the roads

Trash in the ditch where Fountainbleu and Belle Fontaine roads meet in Jackson County.
Trash in the ditch where Fountainbleu and Belle Fontaine roads meet in Jackson County. Sun Herald file

Something’s off

The story about the young woman flushing her emotional support hamster down a toilet doesn’t seem true. If it were truly for emotional support, there is no way you could flush it. Why wouldn’t she have let it go in the airport or outside the airport or give to someone there or hidden it in her pocket or not gotten on the plane? This emotional support animal thing on airplanes has gotten out of hand. You do not have the right to fly or bring your animal with you. Your problems are not everybody else’s. Everybody has their own special circumstances to deal with.

Not a big deal

I was a soldier in the 1960s and early ’70s in Europe, Vietnam and the U.S., and every time we had a change of command or any other time the general decided to have a parade, there would be one, even in the July 4 heat, and I never met anyone, other than the brass, who enjoyed them.

Pick up your trash

Trashy roads. Who’s in charge? Every car needs gas. Every gas station has a trash dispenser. Almost everyone who drivers has a brain and can see what our roads look like. Do they care, do they think someone should pick up after them, do they work, do they pay taxes? It all kind of makes me wonder how beautiful our country could be if we would all just do a little. Let’s try it and see.

Here and there

I find it amazing that Congressman Palazzo can hold a town hall meeting in Kosovo but cannot hold a town hall meeting in Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District.

Here’s your solution

Recycling container blowing over? Place them into your larger trash bins, fill them with garbage and close the lid. The truck will dump everything and presto, problem solved.

Gautier and garbage

In regard to the Sound Off about Gulfport recycling: We in Gautier need a new company for that and garbage pickup as well. We never know if the recycling is going to happen from week to week. I usually have to call. The garbage truck comes at dark. One week my recycling was put in the garbage truck. I watched it happen but was told the other truck was “broke down” and not to worry, “it wouldn’t go to the landfill.” Talked to them five weeks in a row and then the city. What now?

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