Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 10: Gulfport football star is headed for greatness

Grammar matters

Please remind your reporters about proper word usage. I have noticed, more than once, “lay” used when “lie” should have been. There is a difference.

Main Street is booming

Have you been mindful of what the financial experts are saying? The stock market may be down but Main Street is booming. This means that we have a stable financial environment for business to grow. This was achieved by the steps taken by the President and Congress. The stock market is only one financial indicator.

It was their right

Not once during the year did I ever feel like the NFL players were disrespecting me or other vets. They were using their first amendment rights to express their concern over a social matter. What I do find disrespectful is the cutting of benefits and Medicaid access to the veterans. That is something that needs to be addressed to this administration. Use your voice folks.

A hefty bill

I would love to pay $1,700 for wind and hail coverage. Try $4,800 on for size. I think it’s a mistake to divert money to less damage prone areas. Let the counties that need fire trucks raise money for them.

Behind the times

The Mississippi House just passed a bill requiring equal pay for equal work for men and women. This is 2018, little behind the times!

Speak for yourself

I have a message for “We the people want a lottery.” I’ll let you know when I want you to decide what I want and don’t want. Until then speak for yourself.

Correction is healthy

The recent drop in the Dow Jones is a precautionary correction caused by wage increase pressures and high evaluations of stock prices. With the elimination of hyper-regulation and tax cuts, Trump’s economy is alive and well and is poised for even more growth. Trump knows and accepts that a correction is a normal part of a healthy stock market over time.

Thanks for your service

Karlos Dillard: Although I have never met you I would like to congratulate you on your decision to accept an athletic scholarship to the Air Force Academy. Take advantage of what is offered to you and good luck. Clearly you have a good path to becoming a better man.

They were called

Regarding the pothole on 15th Street, the city did get a phone call. How did they know to put the two construction barrels and the cone over the pothole?

Can I eat it?

The cloning crawfish is wonderful. Is it edible? It could feed the hungry.

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